Keyless Access + SMS coding feature = Unparalleled Convenience

Keyless access systems have been providing venue operators with hassle free, secure entry solutions for many years. Check Inn Systems have just released a significant advancement to the KA7 keyless access system. The all New KA7 Keyless Access Control System allows you to insert a SIM card into the system, This enables  instantaneous remote coding changes. It is a simple, cheap and super smart way to eliminate the stress and costs associated with round-the-clock on-site entry code adjustments.


How does SIM Card technology work when paired with keyless access?

Your system will will only be accessible by the Check Inn System high security App.The App will be able to affect changes to your system automatically and instantly; covering important operation tasks such as providing new access codes, deletion of old codes, one off visitor code grants and more.


Will SIM Card technology benefit my hotel, motel, B&B or other accommodation site?

Business owners can control the coding of their KA7 keyless entry system from anywhere in the world via SMS. The beauty of this advancement means that if one-time visitors, tradespeople or new guests require immediate entry to your venue or guesthouse, this can be remotely arranged in less than a minute from any mobile phone or computer. The upgraded KA7 keyless access system with SMS capability epitomises efficient venue operation; impressing guests with smooth, secure entry at any time of day without concern for lost keys.


If I already have the KA7 Keyless access system how quickly can I add the SMS feature?

The staff at Check Inn Systems can install a SIM card in existing systems in minutes. Your remote coding feature will be operational straight away once installed.


How can I upgrade my venue’s current key system to the KA7 system with SIM Card technology?

Whether you currently use a lock and key model or an older style keypad, the professional team at Check Inn Systems can plan a swift changeover to suit your schedule. The system is easy to self install and only requires access to power nearby.

With security remaining a top priority for guests worldwide, it is best for venue operators to stay up to date with technological upgrades. Check Inn Systems is dedicated to leading the way by delivering high tech control systems for any size accommodation venue.

To find out more about making the switch to state-of-the-art KA7 keyless access system with SMS capability, talk to the experts who design & manufacture  this technology at Check Inn Systems.

With you all the way – the recipe for automated control system success

There are companies all over the world who specialise in creating top notch automated control systems for the hotel, motel, serviced apartment and backpacker industry, but few that support you from beginning to beyond. Here are the main reasons to choose a service provider who can manufacture, install, monitor and support your ongoing control system needs as your business evolves.

Product Knowledge

When your chosen supplier has an acute understanding of the capabilities of various property management  systems as well as industry expertise in determining the most suitable kiosk solution for your business, you can take full advantage of the product’s features. Expert companies will be able to recommend which system will best suit your venue and tailor the right technology to integrate with your property management system, Our Systems work in sync with  RMS, Satin, Newbook, or Guestpoint. Product building and sales are only the first stages of Check Inn System’s involvement with your technological upgrade, and with comprehensive product knowledge you will be in the very best hands.

Accountability and responsiveness

There’s no greater comfort when you invest in new equipment than having a direct contact person to consult with when questions or issues arise. The team at Check Inn Systems are committed to excellent customer service because their entire motivation is based on creating a more efficient tourism industry, and to reduce the stress of day to day task management for venue operators. Your automated check in kiosks, luggage lockers, keyless access systems or other electronic security systems will be backed by an expert team for the ultimate peace of mind.

Necessary upgrades and modifications

Onboarding Check Inn Systems from day dot will ensure that they know how to modify and upgrade your system to adapt to your ever-changing business requirements. For example, with the rapidly evolving technology of online hotel booking platforms, a specialist company needs to stay on top of your check in technology to give guests the smoothest experience at your hotel, motel, B&B or backpacker. The owners and staff at Check Inn Systems attend international conferences and stay up to date with the latest trends and industry advancements to afford their clients with first class service.

Cost efficient all in one solutions

Rather than buying your automated control equipment from one supplier and then using independent technicians to maintain and service your systems, you can save money and time by choosing a one stop shop. Check Inn Systems work with business operators to create budget friendly solutions for both short and long term.

Success breeds success

It doesn’t take long to recognise the value in partnering with a competent automated control system company. Whether your goal is to provide round the clock automated check in services for your guests, save money on staff wages, improve the security at your venue or do away with outdated methods of operating, you can enjoy real success when you entrust Check Inn Systems with the job. Achieving results for you, means success for them. It’s a win-win situation.


Check Inn Systems is an Australian based company providing specialist automated control system solutions to streamline venue operator and guest experiences for the better. Unlike some suppliers of self service check in kiosks, luggage storage lockers, turnstiles and keyless entry systems, the reliable team at Check Inn Systems are available to support business owners from day one with important security technology sales, upgrades and service.

Time to get your luggage room in order?

For hotel guests, a perfect overall experience extends far beyond comfy beds, sparkling bathrooms, large flat-screen TV’s and buffet breakfasts; guests want to feel that their belongings are secure at all times, for the highest level of peace of mind on their vacation.

What does this mean for hotel operators?

Taking care of your guests’ luggage from start to finish should be a priority. In most hotels around the world, there is a dedicated luggage or bag room where suitcases, backpacks and other valuables get thrown in both before and after check-out. Unfortunately, the disarray in luggage rooms frequently causes luggage to go missing, thieving and damage; and this results in disappointment or distress for guests. Solving this problem is now easier than ever. The answer; upgrading your luggage room to include secure, automated luggage lockers.

Why guests and hotel operators love luggage lockers

Luggage lockers from Check Inn Systems are proving beneficial to hotel managers and guests for the following reasons

  • Automated luggage lockers don’t require keys, which eliminates the opportunity for lost keys.
  • Luggage lockers are available 24 hours 7 days per week, making them a perfect solution for out of hours guest arrivals and departures
  • Self service luggage lockers are remotely managed, so no on-site staffing is required
  • Luggage lockers can be designed to suit your interior style, offering both functional and aesthetic benefits
  • Guests will enjoy the state-of-the-art self-service security that luggage lockers in hotels affords

The way forward for hotel management is self-service luggage lockers

Now that luggage locker security technology exists, it’s popularity is growing tremendously throughout the hotel, motel and backpacker industry. Not only are luggage lockers easy to order and easy to have professionally installed, there are revenue benefits for venue operators; the return on investment factor makes luggage lockers a no-brainer for savvy business owners.

Luggage lockers for your venue

As with any venue equipment upgrades, it is always best to use a reputable and experienced company. Check Inn Systems are the gurus of automated security systems for the tourism and travel industry and have been facilitating unbelieve change throughout venues in Australia and worldwide for over a decade. From beautifully designed and manufactured luggage lockers to keyless access systems, automated key safes to self service check in kiosks, Check Inn Systems can bring your venue to the new age.

It doesn’t cost a dollar to enquire

Get educated about self service luggage lockers or any other automated control system for your hotel by emailing or calling +61 3 9555 5444 today.

How you can MAKE MONEY by spending on automated control systems for your business

Owners of accommodation venues who install automated control systems for check in and luggage security are thrilled at the ongoing cost savings and new opportunities afforded by their initial investments.

As with any technology, it pays to buy the best automated check in and luggage security systems to suit your business operation from a reputable supplier. Check inn Systems tailors keyless access, 24-hour check in and self-service luggage lockers to make your hotel, motel, backpackers, caravan park or similar, run like a well-oiled machine.

Spending money to make money

Business upgrades can be claimed for tax purposes

Incorporating a technology upgrade into your annual budget can cost less than you think. Your accountant will be able to discuss the tax return options when purchasing new control systems for your venue.

Less staff

One of the most common problems experienced by venue operators is the high cost of staff required for maintaining a round the clock business. From the overnight guest check in procedures, to resolving issues with room or luggage locker keys and visitor access; staff are required to attend to these recurring matters. With state of the art control technology, these processes can all be automated to eliminate hassle for your guests and afford business owners with much needed time off and significantly reduced staff costs. Those who have upgraded to smart tech hotel, motel, backpacker management, report a noticeable monthly expense saving.

More reach

The best attribute of automated control systems is the flexibility guests have when it comes to time. This flexibility is proving lucrative to venue owners because of increased guest turnaround and occupancy rates. What’s more, is that on accommodation booking websites, 24-hour check in opportunities captivate a much wider audience who are searching for rooms to suit their off-peak travel schedules.

Check in kiosks pitch great deals to guests

The check in kiosks designed and manufactured by Check Inn Systems can be customised to offer guests a variety of additional services during the check in process. These include room upgrades (if available), paid tv, breakfast or food packages, spa treatments, longer stay discounts, local deals and more; all of which can instantly generate income for your business. Just like online shopping, the attractive touchscreen technology can promote any offers and with a simple tap, your guests will increase their spends by hundreds of dollars.


Your ROI will be obvious from very early on when you install smart technology from Check Inn Systems’ range of automated control products. Give your accommodation venue the biggest gift of all, call Check Inn Systems today (03)9555 5444

When only The best Keyless Access Technology will do choose KA7 series keypads by Check Inn Systems

Gone are the days when a simple lock and key system was sufficient for controlling access to commercial
venues; namely hotels, motels, warehouses, office buildings and backpacker hostels. Keyless access
systems have been born to manage on site safety, reduce the amount of staff required to handle
access logistics and of course, to provide a 24/7 access solution for guests, staff and tradespeople to
enter allocated areas efficiently.
If you have established the fact that keyless access technology will suit your premises, it is worth
knowing that some systems offer much more value for your business than others. The KA7 Series
keypads, manufactured and supplied by Australia’s leading access control experts, Check Inn Systems, is
the Roles Royce of keypad access systems to date.

The best remote accessibility – No matter where the business owner is located; locally, interstate
or overseas, programming the KA7 series keypad is quick and easy. Using a PC, phone or tablet
device, the KA7 series lock can be securely coded to suit room or building access requirements in

The best security features – The KA7 is built to withstand the toughest conditions, with minimal
wearing parts, Stainless Steel durability and backlit number display. You can choose between wall
mounted or flush mounted keypads to suit your property. Battery backup eliminates the possibility
of system failure with multiple management options available.

The best flexibility for visitors - Designed with real life in mind by experts who understand the
tourism and business operation. The KA7 Series lock allows command access by property ID,
building name, floor or level number, room number or door number, making it simple to grant
relevant access to visitors, regular attendees, staff and single visit tradespeople. These keypads are
Sabbath friendly and can be easily incorporated into existing venues.

The best integration technology – Whether you want to track check in and check out activity, keep
logs for reporting purposes or investigative any activity, the KA7 can be set up to integrate with
your business software for seamless operation. This efficient, state-of- the-art keyless access system
is indeed the optimum remote access control system for businesses in Australia and worldwide.

The best value for money – Choosing a keyless access system with all the frills such as the KA7 is a
long-term investment for your business. Add value, decrease ongoing running costs and create a
more efficient 24/7 operation by installing the KA7 series access system with multifunctional

For more information about the KA7 series lock system, speak to one of our ‘texperts’ today +61-3- 9555
5444. Check Inn Systems can help you determine whether your venue could benefit from a keyless
access system upgrade.

Where to buy the best automated key safes in Australia

If you are looking for the best place to buy automated key safes in Australia, you have already ascertained that the benefits of automating your check in processes will be valuable for your business. The next step is finding the best supplier of key safes. Check Inn Systems is a leading Australian designer and manufacturer of automated key safes, and our brand is synonymous with quality and superior high-tech security systems.

So why should you choose Check Inn Systems for your new key safes?

Buy with confidence and peace of mind

Our products are all backed with minimum 12-month warranties, and more than this, a supportive and professional team of customer service staff. When buying automated key safes online in Melbourne, or anywhere in Australia, it is beneficial to choose a company who are a phone call or email away.

Secure automation technology is our specialty

Check Inn Systems has been dedicated to the industry for almost 20 years. Specialising in; automated key safes, keyless entry systems, automated self-service check in kiosks, turnstiles and self-service locker systems, it has been our mission from day one to create efficient secure processes for business owners worldwide. We care about enabling ideal solutions for owners of hotels, motels, backpacker hostels, caravan parks, car rental companies, real estate agencies and the like, and understand how important it is to meet and exceed your goals with the latest secure technology.

High quality products at affordable prices

Buying the cheapest automated key safe systems online can often backfire and end up costing business owners more money down the track, especially if they are made off shore using cheap parts. Check Inn Systems sell 100% Australian made, 3mm steel constructed key safes to savvy business owners who realise the value in buying quality equipment at prices to suit their budget.

Genuine recommendations from our clients

As an expert automated control system manufacturer and supplier, we wouldn’t exist without our valued clients. When looking for the best key safe supplier in Melbourne or Australia, it is worthwhile hearing what genuine clients have to say about our products and service. Buying your key safes from Check Inn Systems will reward you with a pleasurable experience from start to finish. Click here to view some recent testimonials.

If you have any questions or need the right advice before investing in an automated key safe, feel free to contact us today for a no-obligation discussion. (+613) 9555 5444.

24-hour electronic check in systems are getting thumbs up from guests worldwide.

In this exciting era of tourism and travel, technology is, literally, opening doors to more opportunities for hotel, motel, caravan park and backpacker hostel guests worldwide. From visually appealing online browsing to instant room bookings, discovering new places has never been simpler. Adding to this efficiency is the recent advancement of 24 hour automated electronic check in kiosks which are popping up at hotels, motels, backpacker hostels and caravan parks across the globe.


Not only do 24 hour check in kiosks offer round the clock service to travellers as they arrive at their chosen accommodation, some kiosks are also set up to integrate seamlessly with hospitality software systems and digital platforms. Check Inn Systems is one of the leading Australian manufacturers of fully integrated check in kiosk systems. In fact, they have already established a direct interface with Satin, Newbooks, RMS and C com and are currently working with Guestpoint and Protel as well to provide the best automated kiosks systems on the market.


How does this benefit guests?

An enormous percentage of hotel and accommodation bookings are made through the major online booking platforms such as;, Expedia, Hotels Combined and, and with Check Inn System’s technology, these bookings are sent straight through to the automated check in kiosk so that when guests arrive, their booking can be found and confirmed in seconds. This kind of dialogue between booking platforms and check in kiosks creates the ultimate check in experience for guests, allowing them to spend more time enjoying their stay than being hassled with administration.


From caravan parks in New South Wales, to motels in Perth, hotels across Europe and backpacker hostels in Asia and beyond, guests who experience a smooth check in, such as the service offered by automated and integrated check in kiosks, are happier to recommend, like and share their positive experience. Of course, every business owner knows how valuable good online reviews are to sales growth. Thumbs up for your check in kiosk technology is guaranteed with a state-of-the-art kiosk from Check Inn Systems.


Grow your guestlist with smart kiosk technology

For many hotel, motel, backpacker and caravan park owners, the budget for improvements usually gets spent on décor and interior styling upgrades or food and beverage offerings. It is smart to consider ways to expand reach and accessibility for guests, which is why a well-designed and fully integrated automated check in system is worth investing in. Open your doors 24 hours, seven days a week to travellers from every corner of the globe.
Speak to one of Check Inn System’s automated kiosk consultants today.

Automated Lockers for Luggage Security are a Smart Move for Venue Operators

When it comes to automated control system technology, it is always exhilarating to find a product that perfectly combines electronic automation, practicality and spot-on design for your business operation. Electronic self-service lockers are one of these new-age, convenient solutions.

For venues where lockers are necessary for luggage security such as; outdoor entertainment venues, stadiums, swimming pools, public gyms, co-working spaces, universities, colleges, airports and more, user-friendly and well-designed electronic locker systems from Check Inn Systems can be seamlessly incorporated.

Manual key lockers are being replaced by automated self-service locker systems by venue owners who prioritise customer satisfaction, better security and hassle-free 24/7 operations. Here’s why;


No keys, no complications.

An all in one control unit allows customers to select and pay for their preferred locker instantly. With coding technology, it is so simple to secure belongings as needed in Check Inn Systems electronic lockers. Venue staff do not need to deal with any aspect of locker management which, for business owners, save time and stress.


Quick transactions at any time of day.

In less than 60 seconds a guest can select, pay for and secure their belongings without any fuss. Check Inn Systems’ touchscreen electronic locker technology is straightforward to accommodate any locker user. The self-service locker kiosks can operate 24/7 to eliminate the need for extra, after hours management staff.
Remote management for the ultimate convenience.

For business owners, one of the best features of electronic locker units, is that they can be managed remotely on any PC, iPad or iPhone device. Electronic self-service lockers can’t be tampered with as keylocks can, and very little service and maintenance is required.


Built to last using quality parts.

Check Inn Systems offers customised electronic lockers in Lockers can be manufactured from a range of materials including timber, Powder Coated Steel, Stainless Steel and Bright Colourful UV resistant plastic with manufacturer warranties. All locks and hinges are top quality to ensure a tamper resistant product. It is always best to buy automated control systems from reputable manufacturers for a long lasting solution.


Attractive design is part of the package.

Check Inn Systems are committed to creating aesthetically pleasing electronic self-service locker solutions. Designed and custom built in Melbourne, Australia, it is possible to add flair and colour to your venue with a tailored locker station. Those venue operators who have already made the smart decision to switch to automated lockers have found interesting ways to enhance their brand through the design component of their locker stations from Check Inn Systems.


Switching to self-service locker stations is the best investment for your venue, and can be done swiftly by the leading automated locker manufacturers in Australia. Contact Check Inn Systems today for more information.

Tips for Choosing the Best Supplier of Touch Screen Kiosks

It’s 2018 and the key to business success relies on efficiency, customer satisfaction and smart technology. Touch screen kiosks are the answer to streamlined transaction processing worldwide, so when considering this advanced technology for your business, it is integral to find an expert supplier for your new equipment.

  1. Find a kiosk supplier who designs, manufactures, integrates and installs kiosks

Inherently, kiosks are built to automate business processes. Simply buying a kiosk off the shelf is not the way to go about maximising your ROI. The best kiosk supplier will work with your business management team from the ground up; getting to know your objectives, your target audience, your environment and your budget. A one-stop-shop is recommended when looking for a touchscreen kiosk supplier. The holistic approach to creating a completely customised automated control system will be beneficial in the short term and as your business evolves. Check Inn Systems offer a complete kiosk package to suit your business application and software integration needs.

  1. Choose an automated control system supplier with a proven track record

You need to feel completely confident that the kiosk supplier you select will produce the highest performing product for you. Past project galleries will give you a good indication as to the level of expertise a supplier has. A consultation by phone can also provide insight into the ethos and professionalism of the kiosk provider you choose. Check Inn Systems has spent over 18 years helping businesses worldwide integrate state-of-the-art technology into their operations.

  1. Seek a supplier of touchscreen kiosks with a range of options to suit your budget

There are some automated control system companies out there who only offer one variety of kiosk. Others may push you towards the most expensive product in their range regardless of whether the functionality suits your business transaction applications. The right supplier should take into consideration your affordability and work within this budget to create the best possible kiosk solution. Check Inn Systems supplies; flush mount wall kiosks, mini kiosks, budget kiosks and extended kiosks with flexible payment terms. No guesthouse is too small, no hotel is too large to benefit from our customised touchscreen systems.


Reliable and efficient communication from the get-go will demonstrate that Check Inn Systems is committed to customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on being attentive during every stage of our involvement in your kiosk project. If your hotel, motel, guesthouse, backpacker, entertainment venue or other commercial business requires an end to end kiosk service, call us today.

5 Reasons why Businesses Benefit from Secure Keyless Access Systems

With security at the top of the priority list for business owners, a secure keyless access system is the perfect solution for managers who wish to grant temporary access to rooms and common areas on an individual basis. Why are so many business owners buying and benefitting from keyless access systems in Melbourne and Australia-wide?

  1. The inconvenience of lost keys is eliminated entirely

Standard door locks can be an annoyance due to the frequent misplacement of keys or cards which causes inconvenience for guests, employees and business owners. Keyless access systems remove this problem with a seamless and attractive piece of automated technology. Keypads guarantee less hassle, less stress and a lot less time wasting.

  1. Keyless access systems are simple to install and manage

Buying and installing keyless access systems at your workplace or accommodation venue is so easy. The keypad access systems available from Check Inn Systems in Australia, can be fitted by any handyman, locksmith or electrician. Once installed, these systems run efficiently by an appointed onsite manager or controlled remotely at any time of day.

  1. Access to busy premises can be safely controlled

For high-traffic premises such as; guesthouses, motels, serviced apartments, factories, warehouses, shared office buildings and storage facilities, keyless access systems are the best secure entry solution. Not only can codes be reprogrammed as often as necessary, one off codes for tradespeople can be allocated as can codes for regular users to ensure a smooth operation.

  1. Keyless access systems are cost-effective

The cost of buying a keyless access system can range from $500 up to $1800 depending on the model and technology you require. The initial investment will be easily justified when you realise the convenience and security value of the keyless systems’ immediate application. Without needing supplementary keys or cards these systems are a neat, all-in-one package. Check Inn Systems provide 12-month warranties with all keyless access systems to safeguard your purchase.

  1. Highly secure and attractive technology

The functionality of Check Inn Systems keyless access systems is far superior to any other product currently available in the market & provides high level security for your premises. Codes of up to ten digits can be used as well as separate administrator settings and manager settings for operation purposes. The keypads themselves are slimline and look attractive on building exteriors, they can be flush or surface mounted and their presence also deters unauthorised persons from attempting to enter.

Of course, when you are looking to buy a keyless access system for your business you should deal with an experienced and reputable company. Check Inn Systems, based in Melbourne Australia will be happy to discuss your business’s secure access needs. Get in touch today.