It’s 2018 and the key to business success relies on efficiency, customer satisfaction and smart technology. Touch screen kiosks are the answer to streamlined transaction processing worldwide, so when considering this advanced technology for your business, it is integral to find an expert supplier for your new equipment.

  1. Find a kiosk supplier who designs, manufactures, integrates and installs kiosks

Inherently, kiosks are built to automate business processes. Simply buying a kiosk off the shelf is not the way to go about maximising your ROI. The best kiosk supplier will work with your business management team from the ground up; getting to know your objectives, your target audience, your environment and your budget. A one-stop-shop is recommended when looking for a touchscreen kiosk supplier. The holistic approach to creating a completely customised automated control system will be beneficial in the short term and as your business evolves. Check Inn Systems offer a complete kiosk package to suit your business application and software integration needs.

  1. Choose an automated control system supplier with a proven track record

You need to feel completely confident that the kiosk supplier you select will produce the highest performing product for you. Past project galleries will give you a good indication as to the level of expertise a supplier has. A consultation by phone can also provide insight into the ethos and professionalism of the kiosk provider you choose. Check Inn Systems has spent over 18 years helping businesses worldwide integrate state-of-the-art technology into their operations.

  1. Seek a supplier of touchscreen kiosks with a range of options to suit your budget

There are some automated control system companies out there who only offer one variety of kiosk. Others may push you towards the most expensive product in their range regardless of whether the functionality suits your business transaction applications. The right supplier should take into consideration your affordability and work within this budget to create the best possible kiosk solution. Check Inn Systems supplies; flush mount wall kiosks, mini kiosks, budget kiosks and extended kiosks with flexible payment terms. No guesthouse is too small, no hotel is too large to benefit from our customised touchscreen systems.


Reliable and efficient communication from the get-go will demonstrate that Check Inn Systems is committed to customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on being attentive during every stage of our involvement in your kiosk project. If your hotel, motel, guesthouse, backpacker, entertainment venue or other commercial business requires an end to end kiosk service, call us today.