Keyless access systems have been providing venue operators with hassle free, secure entry solutions for many years. Check Inn Systems have just released a significant advancement to the KA7 keyless access system. The all New KA7 Keyless Access Control System allows you to insert a SIM card into the system, This enables  instantaneous remote coding changes. It is a simple, cheap and super smart way to eliminate the stress and costs associated with round-the-clock on-site entry code adjustments.


How does SIM Card technology work when paired with keyless access?

Your system will will only be accessible by the Check Inn System high security App.The App will be able to affect changes to your system automatically and instantly; covering important operation tasks such as providing new access codes, deletion of old codes, one off visitor code grants and more.


Will SIM Card technology benefit my hotel, motel, B&B or other accommodation site?

Business owners can control the coding of their KA7 keyless entry system from anywhere in the world via SMS. The beauty of this advancement means that if one-time visitors, tradespeople or new guests require immediate entry to your venue or guesthouse, this can be remotely arranged in less than a minute from any mobile phone or computer. The upgraded KA7 keyless access system with SMS capability epitomises efficient venue operation; impressing guests with smooth, secure entry at any time of day without concern for lost keys.


If I already have the KA7 Keyless access system how quickly can I add the SMS feature?

The staff at Check Inn Systems can install a SIM card in existing systems in minutes. Your remote coding feature will be operational straight away once installed.


How can I upgrade my venue’s current key system to the KA7 system with SIM Card technology?

Whether you currently use a lock and key model or an older style keypad, the professional team at Check Inn Systems can plan a swift changeover to suit your schedule. The system is easy to self install and only requires access to power nearby.

With security remaining a top priority for guests worldwide, it is best for venue operators to stay up to date with technological upgrades. Check Inn Systems is dedicated to leading the way by delivering high tech control systems for any size accommodation venue.

To find out more about making the switch to state-of-the-art KA7 keyless access system with SMS capability, talk to the experts who design & manufacture  this technology at Check Inn Systems.