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24 Hour Automated Touch Screen Kiosk, Keysafe, Key Return & Control Systems

During the late 1990’s whilst traveling across Australia, it was impossible to find accommodation available after hours. In early 2000 Check Inn Systems was established with one aim in mind; to provide the hotel/motel industry with a technology solution enabling 24-hour check in that would not disturb the business owner, nor require extra costly staff.

Australian owned and operated for more than 18 years, Check Inn Systems has been committed to providing specialised high security automated check in kiosks, key safes, keyless lock systems, turnstiles and more, specialising in premium custom designed systems for the hospitality industry including Motels, Hotels as well as to a multitude of industries. Using sophisticated technology, we enhance business operations of any scale by providing user friendly products that help the business both cut costs & provide a superior level of service.. From design and customisation to manufacturing and professional installation, we are the expert one-stop-shop for the best automated touch screen kiosk system solutions.

Our acclaimed range of premium security touch screen kiosks for the motel, hotel and backpacker markets empowers business owners worldwide by affording them 24/7 convenience and efficiency. Not only are our kiosks benefiting the tourism and leisure industries, but this technology also lends itself to any application where credit card and debit card vending transactions are appropriate.

We can tailor the most cost-effective and practical automated control systems to suit any application. All of our kiosks, key safes, keyless lock systems with central management, turnstile systems and other access control systems are designed and built onshore to maintain our superior standards.

Experience the new-age of automated transaction technology.