There are companies all over the world who specialise in creating top notch automated control systems for the hotel, motel, serviced apartment and backpacker industry, but few that support you from beginning to beyond. Here are the main reasons to choose a service provider who can manufacture, install, monitor and support your ongoing control system needs as your business evolves.

Product Knowledge

When your chosen supplier has an acute understanding of the capabilities of various property management  systems as well as industry expertise in determining the most suitable kiosk solution for your business, you can take full advantage of the product’s features. Expert companies will be able to recommend which system will best suit your venue and tailor the right technology to integrate with your property management system, Our Systems work in sync with  RMS, Satin, Newbook, or Guestpoint. Product building and sales are only the first stages of Check Inn System’s involvement with your technological upgrade, and with comprehensive product knowledge you will be in the very best hands.

Accountability and responsiveness

There’s no greater comfort when you invest in new equipment than having a direct contact person to consult with when questions or issues arise. The team at Check Inn Systems are committed to excellent customer service because their entire motivation is based on creating a more efficient tourism industry, and to reduce the stress of day to day task management for venue operators. Your automated check in kiosks, luggage lockers, keyless access systems or other electronic security systems will be backed by an expert team for the ultimate peace of mind.

Necessary upgrades and modifications

Onboarding Check Inn Systems from day dot will ensure that they know how to modify and upgrade your system to adapt to your ever-changing business requirements. For example, with the rapidly evolving technology of online hotel booking platforms, a specialist company needs to stay on top of your check in technology to give guests the smoothest experience at your hotel, motel, B&B or backpacker. The owners and staff at Check Inn Systems attend international conferences and stay up to date with the latest trends and industry advancements to afford their clients with first class service.

Cost efficient all in one solutions

Rather than buying your automated control equipment from one supplier and then using independent technicians to maintain and service your systems, you can save money and time by choosing a one stop shop. Check Inn Systems work with business operators to create budget friendly solutions for both short and long term.

Success breeds success

It doesn’t take long to recognise the value in partnering with a competent automated control system company. Whether your goal is to provide round the clock automated check in services for your guests, save money on staff wages, improve the security at your venue or do away with outdated methods of operating, you can enjoy real success when you entrust Check Inn Systems with the job. Achieving results for you, means success for them. It’s a win-win situation.


Check Inn Systems is an Australian based company providing specialist automated control system solutions to streamline venue operator and guest experiences for the better. Unlike some suppliers of self service check in kiosks, luggage storage lockers, turnstiles and keyless entry systems, the reliable team at Check Inn Systems are available to support business owners from day one with important security technology sales, upgrades and service.