Gone are the days when a simple lock and key system was sufficient for controlling access to commercial
venues; namely hotels, motels, warehouses, office buildings and backpacker hostels. Keyless access
systems have been born to manage on site safety, reduce the amount of staff required to handle
access logistics and of course, to provide a 24/7 access solution for guests, staff and tradespeople to
enter allocated areas efficiently.
If you have established the fact that keyless access technology will suit your premises, it is worth
knowing that some systems offer much more value for your business than others. The KA7 Series
keypads, manufactured and supplied by Australia’s leading access control experts, Check Inn Systems, is
the Roles Royce of keypad access systems to date.

The best remote accessibility – No matter where the business owner is located; locally, interstate
or overseas, programming the KA7 series keypad is quick and easy. Using a PC, phone or tablet
device, the KA7 series lock can be securely coded to suit room or building access requirements in

The best security features – The KA7 is built to withstand the toughest conditions, with minimal
wearing parts, Stainless Steel durability and backlit number display. You can choose between wall
mounted or flush mounted keypads to suit your property. Battery backup eliminates the possibility
of system failure with multiple management options available.

The best flexibility for visitors – Designed with real life in mind by experts who understand the
tourism and business operation. The KA7 Series lock allows command access by property ID,
building name, floor or level number, room number or door number, making it simple to grant
relevant access to visitors, regular attendees, staff and single visit tradespeople. These keypads are
Sabbath friendly and can be easily incorporated into existing venues.

The best integration technology – Whether you want to track check in and check out activity, keep
logs for reporting purposes or investigative any activity, the KA7 can be set up to integrate with
your business software for seamless operation. This efficient, state-of- the-art keyless access system
is indeed the optimum remote access control system for businesses in Australia and worldwide.

The best value for money – Choosing a keyless access system with all the frills such as the KA7 is a
long-term investment for your business. Add value, decrease ongoing running costs and create a
more efficient 24/7 operation by installing the KA7 series access system with multifunctional

For more information about the KA7 series lock system, speak to one of our ‘texperts’ today +61-3- 9555
5444. Check Inn Systems can help you determine whether your venue could benefit from a keyless
access system upgrade.