Owners of accommodation venues who install automated control systems for check in and luggage security are thrilled at the ongoing cost savings and new opportunities afforded by their initial investments.

As with any technology, it pays to buy the best automated check in and luggage security systems to suit your business operation from a reputable supplier. Check inn Systems tailors keyless access, 24-hour check in and self-service luggage lockers to make your hotel, motel, backpackers, caravan park or similar, run like a well-oiled machine.

Spending money to make money

Business upgrades can be claimed for tax purposes

Incorporating a technology upgrade into your annual budget can cost less than you think. Your accountant will be able to discuss the tax return options when purchasing new control systems for your venue.

Less staff

One of the most common problems experienced by venue operators is the high cost of staff required for maintaining a round the clock business. From the overnight guest check in procedures, to resolving issues with room or luggage locker keys and visitor access; staff are required to attend to these recurring matters. With state of the art control technology, these processes can all be automated to eliminate hassle for your guests and afford business owners with much needed time off and significantly reduced staff costs. Those who have upgraded to smart tech hotel, motel, backpacker management, report a noticeable monthly expense saving.

More reach

The best attribute of automated control systems is the flexibility guests have when it comes to time. This flexibility is proving lucrative to venue owners because of increased guest turnaround and occupancy rates. What’s more, is that on accommodation booking websites, 24-hour check in opportunities captivate a much wider audience who are searching for rooms to suit their off-peak travel schedules.

Check in kiosks pitch great deals to guests

The check in kiosks designed and manufactured by Check Inn Systems can be customised to offer guests a variety of additional services during the check in process. These include room upgrades (if available), paid tv, breakfast or food packages, spa treatments, longer stay discounts, local deals and more; all of which can instantly generate income for your business. Just like online shopping, the attractive touchscreen technology can promote any offers and with a simple tap, your guests will increase their spends by hundreds of dollars.


Your ROI will be obvious from very early on when you install smart technology from Check Inn Systems’ range of automated control products. Give your accommodation venue the biggest gift of all, call Check Inn Systems today (03)9555 5444