For hotel guests, a perfect overall experience extends far beyond comfy beds, sparkling bathrooms, large flat-screen TV’s and buffet breakfasts; guests want to feel that their belongings are secure at all times, for the highest level of peace of mind on their vacation.

What does this mean for hotel operators?

Taking care of your guests’ luggage from start to finish should be a priority. In most hotels around the world, there is a dedicated luggage or bag room where suitcases, backpacks and other valuables get thrown in both before and after check-out. Unfortunately, the disarray in luggage rooms frequently causes luggage to go missing, thieving and damage; and this results in disappointment or distress for guests. Solving this problem is now easier than ever. The answer; upgrading your luggage room to include secure, automated luggage lockers.

Why guests and hotel operators love luggage lockers

Luggage lockers from Check Inn Systems are proving beneficial to hotel managers and guests for the following reasons

  • Automated luggage lockers don’t require keys, which eliminates the opportunity for lost keys.
  • Luggage lockers are available 24 hours 7 days per week, making them a perfect solution for out of hours guest arrivals and departures
  • Self service luggage lockers are remotely managed, so no on-site staffing is required
  • Luggage lockers can be designed to suit your interior style, offering both functional and aesthetic benefits
  • Guests will enjoy the state-of-the-art self-service security that luggage lockers in hotels affords

The way forward for hotel management is self-service luggage lockers

Now that luggage locker security technology exists, it’s popularity is growing tremendously throughout the hotel, motel and backpacker industry. Not only are luggage lockers easy to order and easy to have professionally installed, there are revenue benefits for venue operators; the return on investment factor makes luggage lockers a no-brainer for savvy business owners.

Luggage lockers for your venue

As with any venue equipment upgrades, it is always best to use a reputable and experienced company. Check Inn Systems are the gurus of automated security systems for the tourism and travel industry and have been facilitating unbelieve change throughout venues in Australia and worldwide for over a decade. From beautifully designed and manufactured luggage lockers to keyless access systems, automated key safes to self service check in kiosks, Check Inn Systems can bring your venue to the new age.

It doesn’t cost a dollar to enquire

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