When it comes to automated control system technology, it is always exhilarating to find a product that perfectly combines electronic automation, practicality and spot-on design for your business operation. Electronic self-service lockers are one of these new-age, convenient solutions.

For venues where lockers are necessary for luggage security such as; outdoor entertainment venues, stadiums, swimming pools, public gyms, co-working spaces, universities, colleges, airports and more, user-friendly and well-designed electronic locker systems from Check Inn Systems can be seamlessly incorporated.

Manual key lockers are being replaced by automated self-service locker systems by venue owners who prioritise customer satisfaction, better security and hassle-free 24/7 operations. Here’s why;


No keys, no complications.

An all in one control unit allows customers to select and pay for their preferred locker instantly. With coding technology, it is so simple to secure belongings as needed in Check Inn Systems electronic lockers. Venue staff do not need to deal with any aspect of locker management which, for business owners, save time and stress.


Quick transactions at any time of day.

In less than 60 seconds a guest can select, pay for and secure their belongings without any fuss. Check Inn Systems’ touchscreen electronic locker technology is straightforward to accommodate any locker user. The self-service locker kiosks can operate 24/7 to eliminate the need for extra, after hours management staff.
Remote management for the ultimate convenience.

For business owners, one of the best features of electronic locker units, is that they can be managed remotely on any PC, iPad or iPhone device. Electronic self-service lockers can’t be tampered with as keylocks can, and very little service and maintenance is required.


Built to last using quality parts.

Check Inn Systems offers customised electronic lockers in Lockers can be manufactured from a range of materials including timber, Powder Coated Steel, Stainless Steel and Bright Colourful UV resistant plastic with manufacturer warranties. All locks and hinges are top quality to ensure a tamper resistant product. It is always best to buy automated control systems from reputable manufacturers for a long lasting solution.


Attractive design is part of the package.

Check Inn Systems are committed to creating aesthetically pleasing electronic self-service locker solutions. Designed and custom built in Melbourne, Australia, it is possible to add flair and colour to your venue with a tailored locker station. Those venue operators who have already made the smart decision to switch to automated lockers have found interesting ways to enhance their brand through the design component of their locker stations from Check Inn Systems.


Switching to self-service locker stations is the best investment for your venue, and can be done swiftly by the leading automated locker manufacturers in Australia. Contact Check Inn Systems today for more information.