With security at the top of the priority list for business owners, a secure keyless access system is the perfect solution for managers who wish to grant temporary access to rooms and common areas on an individual basis. Why are so many business owners buying and benefitting from keyless access systems in Melbourne and Australia-wide?

  1. The inconvenience of lost keys is eliminated entirely

Standard door locks can be an annoyance due to the frequent misplacement of keys or cards which causes inconvenience for guests, employees and business owners. Keyless access systems remove this problem with a seamless and attractive piece of automated technology. Keypads guarantee less hassle, less stress and a lot less time wasting.

  1. Keyless access systems are simple to install and manage

Buying and installing keyless access systems at your workplace or accommodation venue is so easy. The keypad access systems available from Check Inn Systems in Australia, can be fitted by any handyman, locksmith or electrician. Once installed, these systems run efficiently by an appointed onsite manager or controlled remotely at any time of day.

  1. Access to busy premises can be safely controlled

For high-traffic premises such as; guesthouses, motels, serviced apartments, factories, warehouses, shared office buildings and storage facilities, keyless access systems are the best secure entry solution. Not only can codes be reprogrammed as often as necessary, one off codes for tradespeople can be allocated as can codes for regular users to ensure a smooth operation.

  1. Keyless access systems are cost-effective

The cost of buying a keyless access system can range from $500 up to $1800 depending on the model and technology you require. The initial investment will be easily justified when you realise the convenience and security value of the keyless systems’ immediate application. Without needing supplementary keys or cards these systems are a neat, all-in-one package. Check Inn Systems provide 12-month warranties with all keyless access systems to safeguard your purchase.

  1. Highly secure and attractive technology

The functionality of Check Inn Systems keyless access systems is far superior to any other product currently available in the market & provides high level security for your premises. Codes of up to ten digits can be used as well as separate administrator settings and manager settings for operation purposes. The keypads themselves are slimline and look attractive on building exteriors, they can be flush or surface mounted and their presence also deters unauthorised persons from attempting to enter.

Of course, when you are looking to buy a keyless access system for your business you should deal with an experienced and reputable company. Check Inn Systems, based in Melbourne Australia will be happy to discuss your business’s secure access needs. Get in touch today.