In this exciting era of tourism and travel, technology is, literally, opening doors to more opportunities for hotel, motel, caravan park and backpacker hostel guests worldwide. From visually appealing online browsing to instant room bookings, discovering new places has never been simpler. Adding to this efficiency is the recent advancement of 24 hour automated electronic check in kiosks which are popping up at hotels, motels, backpacker hostels and caravan parks across the globe.


Not only do 24 hour check in kiosks offer round the clock service to travellers as they arrive at their chosen accommodation, some kiosks are also set up to integrate seamlessly with hospitality software systems and digital platforms. Check Inn Systems is one of the leading Australian manufacturers of fully integrated check in kiosk systems. In fact, they have already established a direct interface with Satin, Newbooks, RMS and C com and are currently working with Guestpoint and Protel as well to provide the best automated kiosks systems on the market.


How does this benefit guests?

An enormous percentage of hotel and accommodation bookings are made through the major online booking platforms such as;, Expedia, Hotels Combined and, and with Check Inn System’s technology, these bookings are sent straight through to the automated check in kiosk so that when guests arrive, their booking can be found and confirmed in seconds. This kind of dialogue between booking platforms and check in kiosks creates the ultimate check in experience for guests, allowing them to spend more time enjoying their stay than being hassled with administration.


From caravan parks in New South Wales, to motels in Perth, hotels across Europe and backpacker hostels in Asia and beyond, guests who experience a smooth check in, such as the service offered by automated and integrated check in kiosks, are happier to recommend, like and share their positive experience. Of course, every business owner knows how valuable good online reviews are to sales growth. Thumbs up for your check in kiosk technology is guaranteed with a state-of-the-art kiosk from Check Inn Systems.


Grow your guestlist with smart kiosk technology

For many hotel, motel, backpacker and caravan park owners, the budget for improvements usually gets spent on décor and interior styling upgrades or food and beverage offerings. It is smart to consider ways to expand reach and accessibility for guests, which is why a well-designed and fully integrated automated check in system is worth investing in. Open your doors 24 hours, seven days a week to travellers from every corner of the globe.
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