The hotel, motel, caravan park and backpacker industry provide a round-the-clock service for guests, and finally there is a state-of-the-art technology which is on par with meeting guests’ needs. Automated check in and check out systems, available from Check Inn Systems, are affording business owners and guests with the ultimate convenience. Not only do 24/7 check in kiosks eliminate the need for timely face-to-face check in processes, they give freedom to the millions of travellers who arrive at hotels, motels, caravan parks  and backpacker accommodation after hours; a vast percentage in many cases.

Regardless of where your hotel, motel, caravan park or backpacker hostel is advertised, a 24/7 secure automated check in system feature will help you attract more guests more often. Young travellers are indeed spontaneous, but they appreciate the security of pre booking the right accommodation and the peace of mind knowing that their room will be waiting for them no matter when they arrive. High tech and easy to use, check in kiosks will instantly impress guests on arrival and create a positive check in experience at any time of day. Online reviews and recommendations are now a valuable source of information for hotel, motel, caravan park and backpacker customers, so satisfying your guests with efficient 24/7 check in opportunities will lead to better public feedback. With the check in process mentioned frequently on accommodation review websites, it is worthwhile offering your guests the very best automated check in technology.

Installing automated check in kiosks at hospitality venues opens the door to greater financial opportunities for business owners, primarily reduced labour costs and higher occupancy rates. The range of check in kiosks available from Check Inn Systems includes; mini kiosks, extended standalone kiosks, budget kiosks and premium flush mount kiosks, which all integrate with different software and management systems to provide a seamless service for guests and accommodation owners.

Our Kiosk’s can interface seamlessly with a range of Hospitality industry software systems and packages. We have direct interface with RMS as well as Satin and Newbooks and C com  and are currently working with Guestpoint and Protel

The advantage of complete integration is that when bookings are made on, and Expedia, Hotels combined, or any other booking engine, those booking automatically come through to the check in kiosk.

An automated check in system will set you apart from your competitors and make your hotel, motel, caravan park  or backpacker venue stand out to potential customers. Incorporating automated check in kiosks into your hotel, motel, caravan park or backpacker venue is simple; the professional team at Check Inn Systems will design, manufacture and install the right kiosk for your budget and requirements.

If you are looking for a way to up your game in an industry that is flourishing internationally, introducing smart technology is an excellent decision.

To find out more about our exciting range of kiosks, get in touch with our experts today.