The biggest challenge facing motel owners today is the rising cost of hospitality staff. With government legislation forcing up wages costs that are already high, with minimum hourly rates as well as weekend and holiday loadings, making a profit often means that managers simply can’t afford to hire relievers.

The average motel manager of modest size motels is a prisoner tied to the reception desk at a sacrifice to personal freedom, family life and eventually health. Stress, boredom and confinement mean that there is a very high turnover of managers with most entrants to this profession needing a significant break after burning out in two to three years. This statistic is easily checked with motel brokers and organisations like the HMAA.

Modern technology provides some relief with the new availability of a low price and affordable Kiosk solution to take over sales and manage late arrivals during those late hours of 10pm to 2 am when most managers put out the “NO VACANCY” sign rather than get up and totally ruin their workday due to overtiredness. The Kiosk solution also provides a break so mangers can go out as a family during quiet times like Sunday afternoons without losing any business.

So – does it really work? Read these typical reactions from ordinary motel managers.

“Best Western Centretown Goulburn have used the Check Inn Systems Kiosk for 5 years during this period we have taken a countless number of after hours booking.
The Kiosk is also wonderful for prebooked rooms allowing Guests to arrive without disturbing the management.
Guests find the touch screen and voice prompts easy to follow and operate.
In short we find the Check Inn Systems Kiosk a valuable tool in the daily operation of our busy Motel.

Wayne Rabjohns, Proprietor”

“We installed a self check-inn kiosk into our motel about 12 months ago and we could not be happier. The machine has allowed our growing family to move of site into a house. This has been great for us and the business. The motel now has 15 rooms instead of 14 and the machine picks up extra bookings at night. In fact the machine paid for itself in 4 months, now it’s all profit.

Darren Keenan
Noosa Sun Motel”

“We have been moteliers for 8 years and for the last three we have been able to have a life thanks to our Check Inn Kiosk. No more getting up in the early hours of the morning to check customers in, or leaving keys under the mat. We can go out for dinner.

Normally getting a full night’s sleep is almost impossible, but since the installation of the Check Inn Kiosk our lives have changed and we wake refreshed, no longer the grumpier motelier.

Our insurance company loves the concept, with no keys left under mats; there is less chance of rooms being burglarised.

The Check Inn Kiosk can also save lives. Recently we had a client stay that had driven all night and had been unsuccessful along the way in waking some-one to get a room. He arrived here at 3.00 am and thanks to the Check Inn Kiosk he was able to get a room. The client thought that the Check Inn Kiosk had probably saved his life.

We find that it was money well spent and we don’t have to pay after hour’s penalty rates!

Cheryl and John Whalan
Pinnaroo Motel”

“It is a great technology ,replaces one full time staff member.

White Waratah Retreat”

Can you imagine banks running without computers?

The only way we as Australians can stay competitive and profitable in business live a high quality lifestyle is by using the latest technology to stay ahead.

Stephen Tusak
M.Sc., Dip. Comm. Eng.
Technical Director, Check Inn Systems