Check Inn Systems, the industry leaders in Automatic Motel and Hotel Kiosks for self registration have developed a series of Kiosk solutions for Self Registering and Self Checkout suitable for both Motels and Hotels. These Kiosks provide a highly friendly user interface with features such as

  • Voice feedback
  • Room Photos
  • Room availability display
  • Ability to accept debit cards, credit cards and cash (or prepayment) as payment methods
  • A simple Video Tutorial help option automatically plays for first time users who may otherwise be uncomfortable with the technology
  • Built in Video Capture or links to existing security camera system

Our system is able to drop physical room keys, issues a room code for coded (punch in) room locks or can issue or write a Room Key card. The Check Inn Kiosk can work in stand-alone mode or will work with most Property Management Systems (PMS) on a manual basis. We can now provide fully integrated functionality with PMS’s as below.

News Release

Check Inn Systems, working with partners RMS and Onity, have released a new version of software that provides full integration of the Automatic Check Inn function with the RMS Property Management System (PMS) and Onity Door Locks.

This solution allows full flexibility for a customer to check in at the kiosk and receive a valid Onity Key Card to his room with a tax invoice and receipt. The kiosk remains fully synchronised with the property management system keeping an up to date list of available rooms and room charges linked in real time to any changes management may make avoiding the need to enter or update data twice. Any rooms sold or payments accepted by the Kiosk are also passed on immediately to the PMS so rooms are not double sold. The new automatic Check Out feature also allows busy travellers to check their current bill status or finalise their accounts on the Kiosk by making payment via Credit Card, Debit Card or Cash and receive a full tax invoice without having to wait at reception.

Check Inn Systems is currently working to provide similar solutions using Vingcard and Saflock door locking mechanisms.

Stephen Tusak
Manager, Check Inn Systems