Check Inn Systems have released a new model of their Keyless Access locking system that is designed primarily for the hotel and motel markets. Key management has typically been a major issue for all properties and over the last few years virtually all major properties including hotel groups and larger accommodation places have reverted to electronic card locks as a means of ensuring security and avoiding the issues of lost keys which need to be re-keyed by a locksmith at significant expense if security is to be maintained.

These issues are recognised by even the smaller motels and accommodation groups who are gradually upgrading their properties. The Check Inn System’s keyless access locking system provides an alternative solution for both the smaller and larger properties. It provides a solution to some of the irritating problems of both the standard key locks and card locking systems. Card locking systems are fairly reliable and are installed as a stand alone lock and are generally battery based. There are two points of failure on these, these being the cards themselves which can be unreliable and the internal batteries in the units which need to be changed on a regular basis, both of which leave the guest in the disastrous position of not being able to access their room – especially if this occurs late at night with no one on reception. These new Keyless Access locks are programmed by remote control at the front desk or at the room door with the guest’s own chosen key word or code which can be as simple as a birth date or a full mobile phone number. These locks having minimal mechanical components are inherently more reliable and potentially more secure than the two alternatives mentioned above. Each guest code is deleted as soon as it is no longer needed and each lock can be programmed with a large number of codes making it possible for each manager, cleaner, maintenance worker, and service personnel to have their own codes that can be deleted upon termination of the employee. The locking system also provides full entry logging on the central computer by identifying who went into each room at what time.

Check Inn Systems have also added new automatic self-check in kiosk models to their range, details of which can be viewed on their web site.